Slide Rent your homes or spaces in the easiest possible way! Filmplace helps you make revenue by renting your space to brands and video companies and it takes only 5 minutes to get started! Get Started!

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Did you know that our average host makes between $500 - $2,500 per month with just 1-3 bookings? Find out more on some of the benefits we provides you!

We are able to Guarantee your payout when a booking is confirmed


We anonymise your address and contact details until confirmed booking


We have Damage Assurance to prevent damages to your property


We help you secure bookings on your listed properties globally

Find out how much
you can earn!

Below figures are based on past 5 years average amount of how much brands and video companies pay for commercial usage.

Enjoy the freedom of rental with 100% control

You are given a full control of how much you want to list, when to list, who to list, all at your discretion.

  • Over 1,500 brands and video companies uses Filmplace
  • We take care of all the tech to make sure your bookings is smooth.
  • We provide instant support for you
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3000+ potential users booking your space

Users from over 18 countries


Big global brands are also using Filmplace

Get ready to be immerse with your booking as major brands uses your spaces for their videos or commercials.
Even 5* Hotels and places that you never knew existed are also listing their venue with us!
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